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A Brief History


This amazing journey all began in July 2018 which already feels like a lifetime ago. What began as a self imposed dare - by our founder - to share a passion for ice cream, any sort of ice cream, has evolved into an amazing storytelling vehicle. A unique way to share African folklore, rituals and cultural practices through frozen morsels and crunchy cones. A way to celebrate our diversity and embrace our differences while also realising we're far more similar than we are different.

Food is often a source of othering and has been used as a way to corrupt a people's sense of identity and self worth. Our paramount mission is to heal and nurture the collective self esteem of the continent through food and the rituals around food. Deliberately. One person, one representative scoop at a time.

We began as a direct-delivery service that dropped off ice creams all around the Western Cape, while also orchestrating pop-up tasting experiences where people could engage with the diverse food and food practices from all over the continent. In February 2020 we will be operating our first-ever a walk-in cafe in Observatory, Cape Town , where for the first time you'll be able to taste our treats before buying some.

We look forward to seeing all our early adopters and supporters in the space and making new connections with friends not yet made. See you soon.

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