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The Endless Waters 
Korekore, Zimbabwe 

Acrylic on brick, 2021 


Dzivaguru is a deity shared among a few Zimbabwean tribal systems (including the Korekore) whose name, in the literal sense, means The Great Pool/Lake.

The story goes Dzivaguru is the God above all others, responsible for the universe (the endless pool). They are said to manifest both in the feminine and masculine either as Zuva, the sun (top outer hemisphere) or as Njedzana/Ruchenje/Jenaguru/Rikati, the moon (bottom hemisphere). The gender attributes vary depending on the source material.

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In other versions of the story they can take the form of an elephant and is said to have created Musikavanhu (The Creator of People), another god in the mythos. Musikavanhu is also represented as the moon in the alternate when Dzivaguru is the elephant.

Musikavanhu had two partners in succession with whom they created the rest of life on Earth.

Nyamatsatsi/Hwevera/Nhanda (Venus, The Morning star) and Vhenekatsvimborume/Marinda (Venus, The Evening Star).


This story in its alternates accounts for most visible constellations in our solar system and speaks to how astronomy and astrology and cosmology have always been an integral part of our cultures and education systems.

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