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Iwe neni - a feeding program

Every second Wednesday of the month we experiment with new savoury dishes and we partner with a customer to provide a meal to people who don't have reliable access to food. I get to experiment in the kitchen, you get a meal and we both facilitate the sharing of 3 - 5 portions of food.

Pay it forward

We would like to encourage you to spread the love around and share Tapi Tapi  with other humans who currently may be financially limited in their capacity to access some goodies. Come through to the cafe  or head to our online store  and look for the accessibility button where you can make a donation. 

Food accessibility project

If you have a home garden, orchard or any such other growth environment that is burdened with far more produce than you can utilise, please reach out to us. We are collecting and assembling parcels for people who may need it more than you. Drop it off at the cafe any time during our opening hours. Why let all that nutrition go to waste.

Thanks for submitting!

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