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This is where you can listen in on some of the conversations and thoughts we have and experience with our people.

Gumi ne mbiri - Dream meal. 
Today I am describing my dream meal based on a concept from the Off Menu Podcast.  It is a wonderful journey back into the flavours of my youth while also updating my thoughts and using my creativity to re-imagine those old flavours into something new. Enjoy. 

Dream-mealUncle Taps
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Gumi ne rimwe - A different kind of cooking. 
An absolute revelation into when my cooking journey actually began. I have been telling the story of how I got into cooking so much I may have shifted the actual truth in my mind. A few weeks ago I had a memory flashback that shocked that narrative I have about my food journey. Enjoy.

Origins of cookingUncle Taps
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Gumi - So, I have a PhD. Here is what that means.

Part 1 -  Background 

I spent about 6 years of my life doing some research for my PhD. It's a fascinating look into how plants deal with infection, environmental stress and nutrient availability. This is basically plant self-care. Part one sets some background into molecular biology and how my research project kicked off. Enjoy.

PhD thesis - part oneUncle Taps
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Pfumbamwe- Growing up away from home, life in boarding school.

Part 3 - Consequences

Looking into aspects of my personality and tracing back what impact boarding school had on it.

Growing up away from home - part 3Uncle Taps
00:00 / 47:09

Sere - Growing up away from home, life in boarding school.

Part 2 - Comedy

From using soap as currency, the politics of chicken and stealing Jesus, this weel's episode looks at some of the hilarious and somewhat dark comedy moments of boarding school living.

Growing up away from home - part 2Uncle Taps
00:00 / 53:09

Nomwe - Growing up away from home, life in boarding school.

Part 1 - Exodus

Over the next few weeks, join me as I recall my experience as a child and teenager through the boarding school system in rural Zimbabwe. This week we talk about how I ended up in the system and my attempts to free myself from the "prison"system.

Growing up away from home - part 1Uncle Taps
00:00 / 45:26

Tanhatu - Rituals around death and grief.

We all die some day and certainly we will all experience loss of life in our lives, of people we care about. In this episode I look at some of the fascinating rituals around death in Korekore culture. Rituals with scientific and cultural meaning that allow time for celebration and grief with intention and without rush. 

Rituals-around-deathUncle Taps
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Shanu - Parent- and child- hood.

An exploration into why I have decided to live a child-free and fulfilled life.

Parent-and-childhoodUncle Taps
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China - The African ego and gentrification.

Talking about the collective esteem of Africa and blackness on the continent this week and how this plays out in our different spaces.

The-African-ego-and-gentrificatiUncle Taps
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Tatu - New beginnings, some considerations if you are embarking on a new journey.

This week I share some opinions in some of the advice I have received and thoughts I have had as a person new to an industry, space and how I could have approached things in the

beginning. Some advice if you are thinking on going on a new venture of your own.

New beginnings, some considerationsUncle Taps
00:00 / 41:43

Piri - The potential folly of a binary life. 

We often operate under the assumption that there can be only two versions of a thing, idea, concept and there isn't a middle ground where both things can be somewhat true and somewhat valuable. This episode dives a little bit into those binary concepts, processed vs whole, natural vs artificial, traditional vs modern, endemic vs naturalised, organic vs gmo.

The potential folly of a binary lifeUncle Taps
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Potsi - Collaborators at the cafe. 

I get to meet all sorts of people at the cafe and have absolutely fascinating conversations. I am also amazed by the psychology behind why people come to the cafe. Here are some insights into some of you and maybe some insights into who you could look to for inspiration.

Collaborators at the cafeUncle Taps
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