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Frequently Asked Questions

Which ice cream flavour is the absolute best one?

 - if it's on the menu, you best believe it's absolutely delicious. That's why they are all called "flavourites". Preferences will vary from person-to-person so feel free to try some before you buy some.

Why is your ice cream so over-priced?

 - our products are made and churned by hand using only the best ingredients we have access to. Our distinct flavours aren't readily available from your typical suppliers and cost a bit more to acquire. Furthermore unlike large scale commercial enterprises we do not incorporate air into our product during churning, so you get more grams of ice cream per volume in one of our scoops or tubs. So, it's not actually over-priced, and you get more of a premium, artisan crafted product.

Is your ice cream vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free?

 - unfortunately you can't please everyone so while we do offer some vegan options from time to time, the majority of our menu uses animal dairy and we use wheat (in part with other grains) for our baked toppings and sugar cones.

Why don't you have "regular" or "normal" flavours on your menu?

 - we do in fact have regular flavourites on the menu, perhaps you just aren't used to them and this is an opportunity to discover a new regular flavour for yourself. We believe our menu represents foods and flavours from across the continent.

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