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Other Africans creating delicious morsels



Pahari African Restaurant

Features Zimbabwean food rooted in Shona cuisine

Pahari in the Shona language means “a place of pots“. In our African culture pots are made out of clay and are designed to create the best flavours on the natural fire. We grew up eating various types of our African cuisine from the African pot. Some of the best recipes have disappeared with time and the skills to create them have gone with our elders. Pahari African Restaurant aims to recreate the taste as it used to be with special attention to detail. - Pahari



Authentic Moroccan cuisine

Chef Bouchta welcomes you to Andalousse, home of authentic Moroccan cuisine in Cape Town.
Home-made dishes, prepared with the freshest ingredients await you. - Andalousse


4Roomed eKasi Culture

Fine dining restaurant eKasi, a Food truck and 4Roomed Pantry goods

4ROOMED™ as a business concept will be the rebirth of Ubuntu that was once part of our daily lives, a business initiative that is intended to evoke nostalgic moments through food, style and décor of the rooms, the smells-sounds and stories that can be associated with the times when multiple families shared a four roomed house as one big union. A life to be celebrated while bringing dignity and awareness on South Africa’s diverse cultures. - 4Roomed eKasi Culture


Timbuktu Cafe

Ethiopian Food

Traditional authentic Ethiopian cuisine

16 Norfolk Rd, Observatory, Cape Town


Ubuntu EVOO

Premium Olive Oil

The founder of the Ubuntu Extra Virgin Olive oil which is a boutique high-quality premium brand, he a young emerging farmer, passionate about olive oil, particularly with regard to the health and culinary benefits of olive oil. He hopes to bring these benefits to South Africa through his olive oil brand Ubuntu EVOO, sourced from an award-winning, renowned family Olive Estate located in the scenic western foothills of the Winterhoek mountain. Ubuntu EVOO is ideal for all, from the health-conscious to those who enjoy good and natural food.


Seven Colours Eatery

Contemporary South African inspired dishes.

Home cooked goodness for any occasion. Cape Town.


Pitso's Kitchen


Taste of Mzanzi

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