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Africans evolving and celebrating our soundscapes



Digital Sangoma

Music producer, recording artist and performer

I am an independent Electronic Music Producer and Performer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a qualified Sound Engineer and Electronic Music Programmer after studying at Cape Audio College. This enabled me to compose and produce my own music – which in turn led me to establish my own “sound”. A fusion of Kwaito, House, Afro-Beats and expressive vocals, with an undertone of electronic synths. Aggressive and sometimes soulful vocal performance. “It’s Dance Music! It’s not about making sense, but making you dance”.


Thandeka Mfinyongo

A captivating vocalist and plays indigenous instruments; the uhadi and umrhubhe. Musician, singer, songwriter and composer

Thandeka is a bold and powerful black artist who feels a deep desire to make her mark in the world. She is inspired by older generations of black musicians.


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