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Africans working in design, textiles, fashion and print


Rwala Manyena


Wool, a softly textured material, is classically used to knit socks, scarves, and winter garments. An early example of knitting dates back to the Ancient Times of Kemet and ever since this craft has evolved. Inspired from Cairo to being manifested in the Cape, it now presents a different purpose.


Rwala Manyena, which means wear earrings in Setswana, is a collection of earrings largely made from pure cotton and acrylic wool. Each pair is hand-knitted and hangs gently on the ears. A limited-edition of 100 pairs is now available for sale.


Celebrating African cloth and culture through refined contemporary design.

I founded VALOYI as an homage to traditional African craftsmanship. I want to do my part in the redefining of the African narrative, my part in raising our heritage crafts and culture to a place of esteem, and (further) cementing it's relevancy onto this world. Why? Because its history matters.

Our history matters. - Harmonie Mbunga


Lesiba Mabitsela

Fashion Practitioner


The idea is to express a visual reference of progressive art, self-expression & experimentation through the study of aesthetics identified in modern Africa. How does the Dark Continent find its identity through all the noise being poured down its esophagus from foreign civilizations? Forget the colours, & forget the prints as these characteristics only serve to limit the gaze of Africa's ambition.

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