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Tapi Tapi is an educational initiative that is focused on sharing food and food culture from the African continent, with other Africans and our visitors alike.


You can enjoy the familiar flavours of home and try new ones from friends and cultures unknown.

While we are primarily an ice cream cafe, we do offer other continental flavours as cold and hot beverages.


We are open for business at the shop at 76 Lower Main Road, Observatory (operating hours)

"In part, Tapi Tapi is focused on rehabilitating the self-esteem of people from the continent about our food practices, as well as our culture and beliefs. I use food because it’s universal, people need to eat.

So it’s a nice tool to to get people to listen"

Tapiwa Guzha, Founder.


Check out our Kasvikiro page for African stories told through calligraphy.

"Tapi Tapi"

A Bantu ideophone (nyaudzosingwi) that means sweet sweet (akin to yum yum).

It's a playful and nostalgic phrase that appears in several Zimbabwean pop cultural contexts including music.

Tapi Tapi, kutapira!


tue - fri, 1 pm - 7 pm

sat, 12 pm - 7 pm

sun, 1 pm - 7 pm

load shedding hours may vary,

call ahead


76 Lower Main Rd, Observatory (opposite Obz Cafe)

+ 27 76 914 5614

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