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Africans with creative flair in traditional and digital art



King Debs

Multimedia artist

Working primarily in 3D digital art and his self-developed calligraphy, King Debs creates a unique aesthetic to transpose his ideas on identity and Afrikanism. His work deals with with the notion of post-humanism within an Afrikan context. He is  inspired by 'trans-humanist' ideology and the dystopian convergence of man and machine.


Majolandile (Andile) Dyalvane

Ceramic artist

Andile Dyalvane is one of South Africa’s foremost ceramic artists. Guided by a deep spiritual connection to his Xhosa ancestors, Andile’s complex, large-scale ceramic artworks are a metaphorical vessel through which he seeks to honour his cultural traditions and share his journey of healing.



Zandile Tshabalala

Fine artist

Tshabalala uses black skin tones on her figures as a tool to emphasise the blackness of the figure and in turn, make the figure stand out while either contrasting or matching with the different backgrounds. As a black female, she chose to represent the black female body as she felt it would be relatable and easier to address what she was aware of first before attempting to address other issues or narratives.


Nandipha Mntambo

Visual artist

“My intention is to explore the physical and tactile properties of hide and aspects of control that allow or prevent me from manipulating this material in the context of the female body and contemporary art,”

“I have used cowhide as a means to subvert expected associations with corporeal presence, femininity, sexuality and vulnerability.”


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