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Africans looking out for your health


Mental Health



Physical Health


Mpho Tshukudu


My approach to food and wellness is from a functional nutrition perspective, which means I treat the whole person, using whole foods. I look at what you eat, what you drink, how you move, how you sleep and how you socialise, to guide you to create your very own wellness path, so that you can become the healthiest “you” you can be. - Mpho Tshukudu



Yoga & mindfulness

BREATHE: We believe we are breath, therefore we must remember the key energetic force keeping us alive. Through meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices, the various techniques we learn are all about bringing us to the present moment, being here NOW, bringing us to the state we originally are; peace. 


MOVE: We believe the human body is born to move in as many directions, even if 10 minutes is all you have. Through lifestyles that have allowed the average human to move less, we need to be reminded of the importance of movement, to keep the joints lubricated, agile and mobile.


CONNECT: We believe we are all connected, everything we ever do in life is too. We expand, we contract, we breathe, we move. Sometimes each happen on their own but, for the most they all occur simultaneously. - Mandisa Nduli


Waterfront Physiotherapy Clinic


We believe in evidence-based Physiotherapy and have invested time in additional post-graduate courses and degrees, to enable us to treat any diagnosis. We work closely with different health professionals at our facility, to give our clients the best possible care through rehabilitation. WPC treats elite sportsmen/women all the way to your office worker and we able adapt your management accordingly and our main goal is to restore your function. - Ken Mark Kabongo




Sexual and gender health


HOLAA! (Hub of Loving Action in Africa)

Afro Sexual Wisdom · Sex · Love & Relationships · Politics & Lifestyle

A hub that houses knowledge that goes into all realms of sex and sexuality as it pertains to all aspects of African sex and sexuality. This is a space where women and gender non-conforming people of all sexualities can come together and engage with each other and the world. - HOLAA


Sheba Feminine

Feminine hygiene products

Sheba was started in 2017, as a reaction towards commercial menstrual care products containing tons of harsh chemicals and plastic. These products are are not only harmful to people that menstruate, but to the environment as well.


Sunga Konji

Sex education

A rope work artist challenging and engaging with Africans around sebsuality, intimacy and sex education. Focused on dismantling notions that blackness and intimacy are mutually exclusive, celebrating all bodies, desexualising naked forms and encouring the pursuit of platonic intimacy


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