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Africans sharing our stories



Yolisa Qunta


My name is Yolisa Qunta and I’m one of those people who like to photograph every morsel of food before I eat it. I run half marathons, collect books, travel the world, drink wine and write.

What do I write? Spicy tweets, newspaper columns, online op-eds, critically acclaimed books (okay just one so far;) and everything on this site.  Writing in the digital space works for me as there is no self-censoring and I can immediately share my thoughts with you. Said thoughts range from pop culture to travel to whats happening in whatever city I find myself in at the time.  Since we are on this journey together I encourage you to join in the fun by commenting, sharing on social media or dropping an email to let me know what you think. - Yolisa Qunta



Toni Stuart

Poet, performer, spoken word educator

I am a poet, performer and spoken word educator based in Cape Town, South Africa. My work is about listening for the stories that will help us heal. Poetry is how I listen. I’m the co-founder and facilitator of Athlone Young Poets – a youth poetry programme at Belgravia High School in Athlone, Cape Town. I geek for all forms of collaboration, productivity tools, & helping people develop the internal resources they need to become exactly who they want to be in the world.  - Toni Stuart


Koleka Putuma

Theatre Practitioner. Performance Poet. Writer.

Koleka Putuma is an award-winning poet, playwright and theatre director.

Her bestselling debut collection of poems Collective Amnesia has taken the South African literary scene by storm. Since its publication in April 2017, the book is in its 9th print run and has been prescribed for study at tertiary level in South African Universities and Gothenburg University in Sweden.


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